Responsible Care Policy

Basic Guidelines for Environment and Safety

Environmental Protection and Safety Assurance are the fundamentals of business and production activities.

  1. Setting a goal of zero accidents in relation to environment, security, and those incurred while working.
    Minimize the impact on people’s health and safety and the environment, by putting utmost efforts into every business activity.
  2. Promotion of minimization of hazardous chemical and waste emissions.
    Promote the minimization of the use and emissions of hazardous chemical substances. Minimize, circulate, and recycle waste materials, reducing waste disposal to the lowest level.
  3. Promotion of saving resource and energy.
    Further promote saving of resource and energy from the standpoint of conservation of resources and the prevention of global warming.
  4. Improvement of trust from society and customers.
    Comply with laws, regulations, and global standards, and reflect requirements for the environment, safety, and quality from society into business activities. Furthermore, promote information disclosure proactively and appropriately to improve trust from society and customers.

Principles of Conduct for Environment and Safety

All Employees shall promote environmental and safety activities while keeping the following belief in mind.

  1. Environmental and safety activities take precedence over everything.
    (Safety and securing quality are the two crucial pillars of the corporate activities)
  2. Always take actions from the viewpoints of society and customers.
  3. Achieve the objectives of the Basic Guidelines for Environment and Safety through awareness and responsible activities of all Employees.

April 1, 2011
President & CEO
API Corporation

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