quality policy

Quality Policy

  1. For the health and comfort of people around the world, we provide high quality products and services that can be used safely.
  2. We provide quality products and services for customers satisfaction and conformance to global standards1).
  3. We build a Pharmaceutical Quality System2) to guarantee the product quality throughout all life cycle3).

1) Global Standards: GMP, ISO and other global standards. This also includes approval matters written in Marketing Authorization and Master File.
2) Pharmaceutical Quality System: In order to achieve the quality policy, the mechanism involves documenting the organization, procedures and standards, and following it.
3) Life cycle: Cycle starting from research pharmaceutical development, into technology transfer and commercial manufacturing, and product discontinuation.

Action Guideline

We support people's healthand comfort with superior quality.

Therefore, each employee should practice the following actions.

We prioritize quality in all activities.
(Ensuring both safety and quality is crucial for the business activity.)

We strive to gain customers confidence
by understanding our roles and responsibilities.

We build quality into our products in compliance
with the pharmaceutical quality system.

We strictly carry out corrective actions and preventive actions (CAPA)
to continuously improve quality.

October 1, 2018
Hideki Kitadai, President & CEO
API Corporation

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