Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

1934 Established as Nippon Tar Industries
1936 Corporate name changed to Nippon Kasei Chemical Company Limited
1988 Corporate name changed to Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation
1994 Corporate name changed to Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation through the merger with Mitsubishi Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Yoshitomi Fine Chemicals, Ltd.,

1940 Yoshitomi Pharmaceutical Industries founded
1996 Yoshitomi Fine Chemicals, Ltd. was created by spinning off operations related to the manufacture of pharmaceutical bulk and intermediates, as well as the production and marketing of fine chemicals.

API Corporation

2002 API Corporation was established through integration of active pharmaceutical ingredients business and a part of fine chemicals business which had been run by Mitsubishi Chemical's Specialty Chemicals Company into Yoshitomi Fine Chemicals.
2003 Operations of the Iwaki Plant were transferred to the Company from Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation.(currently named Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation)

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