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Research and development

Organic synthesis laboratory equipment

We can perform experiments applying the scale-down concept for the assigned reactor in our facility. There are cases where the shape of the impeller has influenced the results of the reaction, so we make sure to implement the scale-up reaction with this equipment. The Kilolab, which is equipped with a 20 L reactor and three-blade retreat impeller, allows us to conduct the large amount of sample productions.


Based on our knowledge and experience in process development and commercialization as CDMO, we will identify the challenges for scale-up and propose the solutions and measures.
We perform experiments applying the scale-down concept using the reactor equipped with the impeller and jacket to assigned reactor in our facility and also simulation tools for optimizing reaction rate, flow diagram analysis, analysis of the heat of reactions, etc.


Water-reactive reagents: n-BuLi, sec-BuLi, 60% NaH, etc.
Fire Services Act Class 5 Dangerous Goods: Organic peroxides, NaN3, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, etc.
Others: Phosphorus pentasulfide, inorganic CN compounds, diborane, bromine, etc.



Jacket reactor (50 mL–9 L; glass) and pressurized reactor (10 mL–2 L; stainless steel).
Anchor blade, Three-blade retreat impeller, Highly-efficient multifunctional mixing impeller, etc.

Synthesis equipment

Automatic/semi-automatic organic synthesis equipment, microflow reactor, and high-speed flash automatic purification system.


Small centrifuge (φ = 100 mm; stainless steel).


Pin mill, cutter mill, hammer mill, and jet mill.

Analysis equipment

HPLC (32 devices; UV/PDA/RI/CAD), GC (12 devices; FID/TCD), KF (5 devices; coulometric titration/volumetric titration), LC/MS, GC/MS, ion chromatography, NMR, React-IR, FBRM, PVM, DSC/TGA, small-scale reaction calorimeter, and optical/electron microscopy.



Jacket reactor (20 L; glass)
Three-blade retreat impeller
Operating temperature: –65 to 180℃
UTT: Heat transfer medium (–80 to 220℃)

Filter(Pressurized filter)

10 L; Teflon lining

Rotary evaporator

10 L; glass

Distillation column

Oldershaw distillation column (10, 15, and 25 plates) and reboiler (15 L; glass)

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