CDMO business

Production technology

Organic synthesis technology

Based on our organic synthesis technology, we have manufactured and supplied over 50 APIs and intermediates. We supply high quality products with reasonable costs satisfying demands and expectations of our clients. We have performed the successful scale-up of reactions using difficult-to-handle chemical reagents such as pyrophoric organometallic compounds including butyl lithium and highly toxic substances such as sodium cyanide.

We provide optimal solutions for the smooth progression of our clients’ projects.

Super-low-temperature reaction

We can utilize this reaction from pilot to commercial scale.

[Pilot equipment]

Stainless Steel 316: 300 and 500L
Anchor blade with auxiliary blades
Jacket: –50 to 120℃
Coil: Liquid nitrogen –196℃

[Commercial equipment]

Stainless Steel 316L
and HC22 equivalent: 3–10m3
Fullzone blade, etc.
Jacket: –50 to 50℃
Coil: Liquid nitrogen –196℃


Since our successful industrialization of the enzymatic asymmetric reduction of ketones in 1995, our company has used biotechnology in many different processes, such as the production of optically active alcohols. Our robust microorganism/enzyme collection enables to provide cost efficient processes for diverse products with high selectivity.

①Side chains of statins

We have established commercial process for high enantio pure CHE (ethyl (S)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutyrate) with enzymatic method. This technology has advantages in the selectivity compared to organometallic catalysts.

Side chains of statins

②Statin APIs

Some statins have di-hydroxy side chain. We screened a lot of enzymes which can reduce corresponding di-keto bulky substrate and found desired enzyme with high enantio/diastereo selectivity.

Statin APIs

③Unnatural amino acids

We have established technology for the production of (1R,2S)-ethyl 1-amino-2-vinylcyclopropanecarboxylate hemisulfate(VCPA) by combining regioselective enzymatic hydrolysis and Curtius rearrangement reaction. Our company succeeded in ton scale production.

Unnatural amino acids

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